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About Us

Welcome to Andrea’s Creative Studio, a multi-disciplinary practice providing general and specialised content (B2B to B2C), digital marketing, social media, eCommerce and web design services all in one place. Our full-spectrum of digital marketing services also cover email marketing, digital design, SEO/SEM and anything and all things digital-related as well as Carte Blanche. 


Carte Blanche is the custom-design service arm of Andrea's Creative Studio that oversees and manages the production of marketing materials, including event posters, flyers, postcards, business cards, etc. 


Whilst Carte Blanche The Little Gift Shop is a creative wing that compassionately designs and constructs gift items, from handmade to coveted lifestyle products, in small lots using fine and high-quality materials, to showcase the very best of handiworks. We feature the works of collaborators, budding product developers and professionals. Profiles of the makers will be featured for all made with passion items. 0.1% from each successful closing of item (s) will proceed to the iCare Fund.


Fascinated by the thought processes and works of many prominent and highly creative people in the music, furniture, design thinking, art and creative field, the Studio "Andrea" is named after people and remembering their notable contributions made globally.

Our goal is to offer reliable and exceptional services to our clients. We take pride in customer care and deliver unparalleled customer service.


Conveniently situated in the Central Business District Singapore, Marina Bay Financial Centre, Andrea’s Creative Studio is a Singapore-based Digital Marketing Consultancy and Studio, specialising in Content and covering 3 core services: Digital Marketing Essentials, Email Marketing and Web Design. Other activities include Social Media Marketing, Advertisements, Digital Design and more. Our Studio is easily accessible regardless of your location. 


Our Vision

To develop a comprehensive strategy in this ever-changing and dynamic digital marketing landscape and provide customers the best support that is digital-focused. We believe in good planning before embarking on any pre-projects and using five words as our guiding principle when at work: Think Digital-First. Do It Smart.

Our Mission

To provide clients the best digital experience that are innovative and experiential while also being cost-effective.

We carry that belief into everything we do

We are constantly striving to improve and broaden our services to best serve the needs of our clients in the area of digital marketing essentials.

To strive for best practices

We don’t just love design. We breathe inspirations. We capture ideas and raw emotions from around the world. Our enthusiasm for our work is what makes our design unique.

Andrea Consulting

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Andrea C Sim

Consultant / Enterprise Development

Women's Committee

(Association of Trade & Commerce) (Yr 2023-2025)

Varsha Venugopalan.jpg

Varsha Venugopalan

International Liaison & Partnerships Manager

Master of Arts in Media & Cultural Studies (with Merit) in the UK

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