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About Andrea C Sim

Andrea has a decade of experience in content writing, marketing and advertising activities and is apt in marketing videos. Our Studio provides services that centrally focus on 3Ds: Design, Develop and Deliver digital services to meet our clients' needs and businesses, while being cost-effective. Andrea CS holds a higher degree from WKWSCI, Nanyang Technological University.

Andrea is a Committee Member of ATC (Association of Trade & Commerce) in the Women's Committee with a common interest to raise awareness and providing educational resources, and creating a platform for women to connect and share experiences, the Women's Committee contributes significantly to cultivating a more diverse and supportive professional landscape.


Our commitment to staying ahead of the curve allows us to help our clients stay competitive in an ever-evolving market. We work with a dedicated team of custom-built skilled professionals. We embrace diversity and also work with talents of all levels across time zones, and would warmly welcome budding individuals looking for internship opportunities.

We take pride in our service and we roll up our sleeves to get down to work. We are fast and efficient, and we are good in what we do. 

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