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The SANTUS™ Vibra smart wine dispenser and chiller is lightweight and portable that you can lug it wherever you go, from home dining to day trips, and enjoy sips at its prime with every pour. Forget about ice buckets and unfrenzied uncorking, SANTUS™ Vibra is designed to maintain wine chilled at the ideal temperature and your guests can now press the button, and the wine will be dispensed automatically. This let you have more time to enjoy each sip and keep pace with your drinks. Chic-stylish and looks great as a centrepiece at the home bar or part of the home interior!


Introducing the all-new SANTUS™ Vibra Collection - Keeping your wine fresh like Day 1!


Ready to own the SANTUS™️ Vibra? Buy yours today to unleash the connoisseur within. Enjoy free delivery to your doorstep. Only at Carte Blanche TLGS.

Available in 3 colours: Olive Mist, Pearl Glow White and Ruby Red (Limited Edition).

SANTUS™ Vibra Smart Wine Dispenser & Chiller

Santus Olive Mist: standard
Santus Pearl Glow White: standard
Ruby Red (Limited Edition): standard
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