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Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Ahead of The Studio's anniversary, ACS celebrates three years of productivity, efficiency, and quality excellence while embracing innovative ideas with its first-ever independent joint cultural and heritage exhibition in Singapore and honouring the spirit and resiliency of Singapore with NParks' #OneMillionTrees Movement Campaign!

Singapore, 15 OCTOBER 2023 — (“ACS”) Andrea’s Creative Studio is delighted to announce the celebration of its third anniversary with their first-ever independent small-scale joint exhibition “Celebrate shared Cultural and Heritage” at its chosen venue, Claymore Connect shopping mall, in Singapore. At the same time, honouring the Singapore’s spirit and resiliency with a Tree Planting programme slated for 27 October at Serangoon Park Connector with NParks!

Since its founding in 2020, Andrea's Creative Studio (ACS) has grown its presence online and offline in consultancy, advertising, social media marketing and print production through innovation, originality and partner solutions for its three pillars: Andrea’s Creative Studio (advertising and digital marketing), Carte Blanche (custom-design service arm for marketing collateral and corporate materials) and design and collaborations for Carte Blanche TLGS Online (made with passion goods).

At Carte Blanche The Little Gift Shop, a gifting concierge concept by ACS, our paper craft “Floral Gift Basket” was our first handicraft launch. The product went through cutting, trimming, assembling and glueing process, and is used to store small- to medium-sized gift items and reveal surprises when the lid is raised. The online gift shop is making progress as more handmade items and products are added by season, and last year, it gradually branched out to workshops for all original items, from food to presents, produced with love for Singapore by Singaporeans.

ACS has been making headway in this area at Carte Blanche (custom-design service arm), providing ads, marketing collateral, and corporate materials in digital formats at the corporate level.

And Andrea’s Creative Studio (ACS) focuses on consultation, content writing and strategy (thinking, analysis and research-base), campaigns, communications, press releases, social media marketing strategies, everything binary, and all things digital.

As the 29th of October draws near, the Anniversary Party will highlight the Studio's works and activities by ACS and Carte Blanche (the custom-design service arm) as well as the best of made-with-passion goods by local and international makers, of innovation to improve the quality of life, and delivering the value of commitment, product sustainability, and quality for Carte Blanche TLGS.

Andrea C Sim, Founder of Andrea’s Creative Studio said: “As a mass comm graduate and an industry practitioner, writing with a pen on a blank paper, typing away with our fingers on the keyboard on a blank document, understanding processes and analysing worldwide data, and making sense of large information to make informed decisions through research and analysis, in my opinion, are our pride and forte.”

Andrea added that “It is the writer's voice, a thinking mind, literature review, and unique style of writing and tone that captures the readers and audience attention.”

“While smart systems can perform more tasks for us and reduce mundane tasks that could be automated, we largely focus on future-forward solutions to elevate efficiency, reduce longer waiting time, detect underlying trends and market sentiments, and most importantly, to enhance human thinking experience through new discoveries of interesting visuals and the intricacies of AI world,” she said.

Andrea concluded in the statement that “Andrea's Creative Studio's content writing and strategy will continue to be thinking, analysing and research-base (core foundation) despite the rapid advancement of AI technology in the robotic and automation age. From voice-overs to speech and writing, our experienced team of diverse talents are well-versed in their respective fields and have the knowledge and skills necessary to fine-tune data to meet SEO-friendly and high-quality standards for our clients’ social media channels, websites, blogs, digital books, etc. The production talents will take care of the music and moving visuals, while we can explore and make new discoveries in areas of processes, voice and speech recognition, virtual assistance, robotic process automation, creative ideation, and digital designs for social media, all these essential works can move in the direction of artificial intelligence starting 2024, after all the manual labour.”

In celebrating the Studio’s anniversary this 29 October, ACS offers 30%OFF all social media plans per month for six months sign-ups, 30%OFF the grand total for all custom-design services, and save up to 15% for the purchase of three items at Carte Blanche TLGS, with doorstep delivery. Quote “ACSAD29” for Pricing Plan and “CBTLGS29” for Carte Blanche TLGS upon check out. Offer valid till 31 October 2023.

Introducing the exciting offerings for digital marketing services:

  • Business Lite This plan is a starter for business owners and freelancers who are looking to explore the basics of social media channels and staying connected with 1-2 posts a week. *On-site photography is included in the social media strategy. *T&Cs apply.

  • Business Core Small businesses and individuals favour this plan for its quality and value, and covering the essentials per week for a month in the social media realm. On-site photography is included in the social media strategy.

  • Business Standard For business owners or experienced bloggers, you can turn your social media advertising (still) into short marketing videos. Best pick and a gain for your bucks! On-site photography is included in the social media strategy.

  • Business Premium Perfect for entrepreneurs, team, professionals or SMEs who want to keep their hands off social media and production works, ACS handles your advertising and digital marketing needs from start to finish with a quick turnaround time. On-site photography is included in the social media strategy.

  • BIZ PRO (Business Custom Solutions) Excellent for organising a social media strategy for the entire year and scaling marketing initiatives that need more video content and social media marketing support. On-site photography is included in the social media strategy.

ACS will continue to improve and tap into useful innovative technologies to provide leading-edge creative works and digital design solutions to be on par with the stringent local benchmark and international standards.

As we reached another milestone this year, the third year anniversary party is a testament to The Studio’s dedication and mark of excellence to innovation, quality, the brilliant minds at work and sustainability. These can be seen through our actions as ACS aims to establish a strong footprint and further strengthen its position as the vanguard of the digital business and print production in Singapore and the entire Asia region. The Studio will realise the potentials of diverse talents to continue delivering value, relevance and quality work excellence to business owners, corporate companies and start-ups and the world, for many more years to come.

*** END ***

For more information, call us at +65 8129 8477 from Monday to Friday (10.00am–5.30pm), Saturday (11.00am–3.00pm), Daily from 9.00am-9.00pm on WhatsApp LiveChat! via their website and closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Co. UEN No. 53423259X

About Andrea’s Creative Studio (ACS)

Established in 2020, Andrea’s Creative Studio is a digital marketing agency and consultancy based in the Central Business District Singapore. The Studio is built on the vision in developing a comprehensive strategy in this ever-changing and dynamic digital marketing landscape and providing customers the best support that is digital-focused. We believe in good planning before embarking on any pre-projects and using five words as our guiding principle when at work: Think Digital-First. Do It Smart. The mission of the studio is to provide clients the best digital experience that are innovative and experiential while also being cost-effective.

Andrea’s Creative Studio specialises in Content (B2B and B2C) and covers three core services: Email Marketing, Web Design and Digital Marketing.

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