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Giving back to the community through charity works and activities

Singapore, 04 December 2020 — Every year, the consulting studio will volunteer at charity and organisations as part of its effort to give back to the community through various social activities.

"We hope that through these social activities we part take, we are able to reach out and offer our strength and contributions in hope to make a difference in the lives of others who are in need of help and also the less fortunate," says Andrea, representative of Andrea's Creative Studio.

Besides working hard and having fun at work, we must not forget the society that we live in that not many people out there share the same luxury of health level, mental health and same level of comfort. It is in trying times and challenging times, like the current covid-19 pandemic, that people from all walks of life step forward to help one another," adds Andrea.

At the moment, the consulting studio is planning two initiatives that they can participate just before the year end.

"We are brought up in a society where our local Government pays attention to the needs of the less fortunate and the disabled, and that help are given so that no Singaporean is left behind," she adds that "this is a good way for us to learn also to cultivate a kind heart, fierce mind and brave spirit to move out of one's comfort zone to brave the sun, soil our hands and offer help in every way we can to give back to the wider community so that everyone shares in the same pie of love and kindness."

For every project completed, 0.1% will be channelled to Andrea's Creative Community Fund to give back to the community. The community funds usage and initiatives will be reported publicly annually.

For more information, call us at +65 8129 8477 from Monday to Friday (9.00am –6.00pm), Saturday (by Appointment) and closed on Sunday and Public Holidays.


About Andrea’s Creative Studio Established in 2020, Andrea’s Creative Studio is a digital marketing and web design consultancy currently based in the Central Business District Singapore. The studio is built on the vision that creativity, passion and dedication should be at the heart of every craft produced. The mission of the studio is to contribute to level up marketing excellence through quality design, functionality with the touch of aesthetics, as well as the firm’s commitment to provide exceptional services and customer care as the core of good customer service.

Andrea’s Creative Studio covers three core services: Email Marketing, Web Design and Digital Marketing.

For more information, please visit

Instagram: @andreascreativestudio


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