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Updated: Apr 10, 2023


Andrea of Andrea's Creative Studio Appointed to the Sub-Committee for Enterprise Development and Sustainability

  • Andrea of Andrea's Creative Studio was appointed to the Enterprise Development and Sustainability Sub-Committee of the Association of Trade and Commerce on 28 March 2023.

  • This appointment supports the industry’s front and center for key dialogues and programmes with Singapore's business community to further develop and build a sustainable business ecosystem.

  • The Sub-Committee will work to create an environment that encourages enterprise development and sustainability to maintain Singapore's position as a flourishing business centre.

Singapore, 07 APRIL 2023 — Andrea of Andrea’s Creative Studio announces today its new appointment as a Sub-Committee member of the Association of Trade and Commerce (ATC) for Enterprise Development and Sustainability, effective 28 March 2023. This appointment marks an important milestone in the growth of The Studio and its commitment to work alongside other committee members to promote cooperation and support local enterprises in Singapore, highlight significant steps in the growth of SMEs, offer solutions to the table and catapult a business to success.

As part of the Sub-Committee, The Studio will be involved in industry consultations, discussions and programmes to provide feedback and recommendations to improve Singapore’s trade environment.

We are honoured to have been chosen as a Sub-Committee member. We are committed to being an active participant in helping our local businesses thrive through this appointment. We look forward to take part in key dialogues and programmes to discuss on growth and development plans for our local enterprises, which could potentially lead towards positive changes," commented Andrea Consulting.

The Sub-Committee was established by the Association of Trade and Commerce (ATC) to champion the development and sustainability for local enterprises through industry consultations, white-papers, etc. The team comprises representatives from various sectors such as health and wellness, technology, retail, investors and others who will offer insights into how policies can be further improved to benefit local businesses.

ACS' current activities include paper art workshops and topics such as sustainability, digital marketing, branding strategies, omnichannel experience and more. These programmes and activities focus on developing business acumen so as to better understand the markets and build successful brands.

Going forward, Andrea’s Creative Studio plans on embarking on its existing offerings by tapping into comprehensive sources that cater specifically towards enterprise development and sustainability in Singapore.

Through Andrea's appointment as a Sub-Committee member for enterprise development and sustainability, Andrea's Creative Studio looks forward to collaborating with other members of the committee in supporting the strong foundation for Singaporean businesses across different industries, and assist local businesses thrive better and see positive changes for our community.

For more information, call us at +65 8129 8477 from Monday to Friday (10.00am–5.30pm), Saturday (11.00am–3.00pm), Daily from 9.00am-9.00pm on WhatsApp LiveChat! via their website and closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.


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About Association of Trade and Commerce (ATC)

The Association of Trade & Commerce (Singapore) (ATC) is a community organisation that was established to congregate and represent Singapore's businesses and entrepreneurs across major industries and trade sectors, on both local and international scale. ATC advocates actively for the interests of enterprises, focusing in the areas of development, capabilities, sustainability and community building.

To further promote Singapore's enterprise and trade environment, we consult the enterprise community and collaborate with private and public sectors to develop and introduce relevant programmes that enables enterprises to digitise, develop, transform and internationalise.

For all the people across the businesses that we represent, ATC is positioned as a trusted advocate, partner and network; working with the community to develop and improve businesses, the society and people's lives.

About Andrea’s Creative Studio (ACS)

Established in 2020, Andrea’s Creative Studio is a digital marketing agency and consultancy based in the Central Business District Singapore. The Studio is built on the vision in developing a comprehensive strategy in this ever-changing and dynamic digital marketing landscape and providing customers the best support that is digital-focused.

We believe in good planning before embarking on any pre-projects and using five words as our guiding principle when at work: Think Digital-First. Do It Smart. The mission of the studio is to provide clients the best digital experience that are innovative and experiential while also being cost-effective.

Andrea’s Creative Studio specialises in Content (B2B and B2C) and covers three core services: Email Marketing, Web Design and Digital Marketing.

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